Jackie Chan Expresses Shame Over Son’s Drug Arrest


Beijing -  Beijing police announced on Monday (08/18/2014), the two actors, Jacyee Chan, 32 years old and Taiwanese star, Kai Ko, 23, arrested in connection with a drug problem. Authorities confirm they found three and a half ounces of marijuana at the home of Jackie Chan‘s son.

Players Rush Hour was really upset when I first heard her son’s arrest related to drugs. As a public figure I feel very embarrassed. As a father, I am very sad and disappointed,” wrote Jackie.

But most people feel a broken heart is her mother. I hope our young people will learn from the mistakes of Jaycee and stay away from drug abuse,” he said, quoted by Contactmusic, Wednesday (08/20/2014).

chanJackie Chan then spoke directly to his son, and told him to take responsibility for their own actions and mistakes. I would like to take this opportunity and say to Jaycee,` you have done something wrong and you should be responsible for all the consequences.

I am your father and I will always be with you. We will face this together. I also have to take some responsibility because as the father of this error, I did not teach him well. Hence, the name Jaycee and myself, I express our apologies deepest to everyone for this negative impact, he said.

Since a few years ago, Jackie campaigned against drugs. And in 2009, Jackie Chan signed as Brand Ambassador Drug Controller.

US military failed to save Foley

Still image from undated video of a masked Islamic State militant speaking next to man purported to be U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff at an unknown location

BAGHDAD - The death of James Foley in the hands of the Military ISIS regret leaving the United States (USA). Because, before Foley executed, Foreign Military Superpower rescue mission has been launched against the journalist.

This information was given by the Pentagon. They also acknowledge the failure of the rescue mission.

The mission was unsuccessful operation involving air and ground components and focused on a particular captors in the ISIS network,” said a Pentagon official statement, as quoted by Reuters on Thursday (08/21/2014).

Unfortunately, the mission failed because the victims do not exist in the location that we are targeting,” the statement continued.

Although ensuring a search operation, the Pentagon did not mention the exact time when this operation was launched. They only mention the search occurred a few weeks ago.

In different occasions described, Counter-terrorism officials AS, Lisa Monaco rescue mission that has allowed President Barack Obama. Licensing is down in early summer this year.

“The president is lowering the permit because it was because of information national security review team expressed some victims are in danger due to the action of ISIS,” said Monaco.

As is known, Foley ISIS executed in an air strike on Iraq. Even before the executioner beheaded Foley had chanted anti-US calls.